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In Internet Explorer or Edge, there should be a closed lock icon just right of the URL at the top of your browser that when clicked displays encryption certificate. If you view the certificate, you can install it to maintain access rights until it expires. For security reasons, certificates for are only valid for three months.

This site uses cookies so your browser must have them enabled. Be sure that the 'Security Level for this Site' is set to Medium or lower. Then click on the Trusted sites icon in the window. Then click the Sites... button and add '' to the zone. Then click OK.

In Chrome or Firefox, if there is not an eye over a gold document icon in the lower right-hand corner of your browser, cookies for may not be enabled.

To enable them, you may have the option under the Tools menu to select Cookie Manager and Unblock Cookies from this Site enabling cookies specific to the site. If the Cookie Manager option is not available, select the Edit menu then the Preferences... menu option. Under the Privacy & Security category, click on the Manage Stored Cookies button. In the Cookie Manager window, scroll down the cookie window pane and look for under Site or ff under Cookie Name. If an entry exists, cookies are enabled for this site. If not, go back to the Cookies section and check the Enable cookies based on privacy settings radio button. Then under the Advanced category, depending on your version, either click on the option to Accept Cookies or click on the Scripts & Plugins section and check the Create or change cookies and Read cookies boxes. These settings should enable cookies.

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