Dr. Evil

Owner: Bob Bryk (2375) Stock Market
Deadly Jungle Conference Awaiting opening bell   

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PlayerPositionJerseyPro TeamBye Week
Buffalo DefenseDefense Buffalo Bills13
Philadelphia DefenseDefense Philadelphia Eagles10
Matt PraterKicker Arizona Cardinals14
Ryan SuccopKicker Tampa Bay Buccaneers5
Carson WentzQuarterback11Washington Commanders14
Russell WilsonQuarterback Denver Broncos9
Jamison CrowderReceiver Washington Commanders14
Rob GronkowskiReceiver Tampa Bay Buccaneers5
Julio JonesReceiver Philadelphia Eagles10
Robert WoodsReceiver Houston Texans7
Mark IngramRunningback New Orleans Saints11
Joe MixonRunningback Cincinnati Bengals7
* 0 of 0 free agents selected (dropped FAs are not labeled)