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Elimination Selection: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
PlayerPositionJerseyPro TeamBye Week
Chicago DefenseDefense Chicago Bears10
LA Chargers DefenseDefense Los Angeles Chargers7
Harrison ButkerKicker Kansas City Chiefs12
Greg ZuerleinKicker Dallas Cowboys7
Jared Goff*Quarterback Detroit Lions9
Justin HerbertQuarterback Los Angeles Chargers7
Daniel Jones*Quarterback8New York Giants10
Trey LanceQuarterback San Francisco 49ers6Dropped
Brandon AiyukReceiver San Francisco 49ers6Dropped
A.J. BrownReceiver Tennessee Titans13
Amari CooperReceiver Dallas Cowboys7
Kenny GolladayReceiver New York Giants10
Chris Moore*Receiver Houston Texans10
Dalvin CookRunningback Minnesota Vikings7
Clyde Edwards-HelaireRunningback Kansas City Chiefs12
Darrell HendersonRunningback Los Angeles Rams11
* 0 of 0 free agents selected (dropped FAs are not labeled)