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Owner: Barbara Rossmiller (2724) BARB Stock
American Soccer Conference   -  Clinched Division$132.92   

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Elimination Selection: San Francisco 49ers
PlayerPositionJerseyPro TeamBye Week
Arizona DefenseDefense Arizona Cardinals12
NYG DefenseDefense New York Giants10
Jason MyersKicker Seattle Seahawks9
Matt PraterKicker Arizona Cardinals12
Justin HerbertQuarterback Los Angeles Chargers7
Daniel Jones*Quarterback8New York Giants10
Trevor LawrenceQuarterback Jacksonville Jaguars7
Tee HigginsReceiver Cincinnati Bengals10
Tyreek HillReceiver Kansas City Chiefs12
Deebo SamuelReceiver San Francisco 49ers6
Mike WilliamsReceiver Los Angeles Chargers7
Chuba HubbardRunningback Carolina Panthers13Dropped
Dernest Johnson*Runningback Cleveland Browns13
Ronald JonesRunningback27Tampa Bay Buccaneers9Dropped
James RobinsonRunningback Jacksonville Jaguars7
Jonathan TaylorRunningback Indianapolis Colts14
* 0 of 0 free agents selected (dropped FAs are not labeled)