Family League Rules

How To Play

The ENC Fantasy Football league is one of the simpliest out there, plus one of the most energizing for casual football watchers! This social focused league is structured to allow a person who has never played fantasy football before an easy way to participate and have fun doing it. You become a franchise owner with control over a roster of players you personally select. Then decide who plays and who doesn't each week. The following steps describe your role as owner during a standard season:
  1. Create a ranked list of players you would like to draft.
  2. Meet with your 11 opponents to draft your 13 players.
  3. Choose 8 players from your roster to start each week.
  4. Execute your 6 opportunities to select a free agent during the regular season.
  5. Cheer on your players to score more points than your opponents.
That's it! That's fantasy football in a nutshell. Also associated with the Sez17 website are a bunch of optional side games to play during the season to enhance the football experience. These include: To increase the level of entertainment, social events are set up before, during and after the season to keep the excitement flowing. From a pre-season live or on-line draft where the socialization of fellow opponents begins, to the mid-season party where you can recapture the faces that you have been outscoring all season, to the single elimination playoff brackets to extend your domination. Finally concluding with an awards banquet filled with trophies, plaques, food, a season re-cap and the Conference Olympics! If you want in on all this fun, simply email the Commissioner.

Team Players

PositionStartersDraft Minimum
Team Total8*13
*6 free agents will be available throughout the regular season. One free agent available at the beginning of the following weeks: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 (not to exceed 14 player roster)

General Rules

Section 1 - Rosters
  1.1 - Draft will proceed in numerical ascending order in the odd rounds, reverse (descending) order in the even rounds. Draft order will be decided just before draft start via a random selection process (ie. each owner pulls a number from 1-12 out of a hat).
  1.2 - A maximum of six free agents may be choosen during the regular season. One after the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th fantasy football game (weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12).
  1.3 - All free agents will be distributed in the following manner - if two or more teams choose to select the same player before the ordered free agent selection deadline (which is the input scoring deadline for the previous week, typically Wednesday evenings), the player will be awarded to the team with the worse overall record following Wildcard rankings specified under Rule 6.4. After the ordered free agent selection deadline, the players are available on a first-come, first-serve basis once the free agent distribution process completes. Click here for details on the free agent ordering process.
  1.4 - To choose the 2nd and subsequent free agents, one player must be dropped from the team's roster to reduce the player total under the 14 player roster maximum. The position for the dropped player is important. An owner must select a free agent of similar position to the player dropped unless the owner dropped a player in a position that the team's roster was already exceeding the minimum number of players in that position (eg. had 4 RBs and dropped 1 RB leaving 3 RBs on the roster thus maintaining the minimum draft requirement of 3 RBs). If an owner drops a player that reduces their roster below the minimum draft requirement in a position, the subsequent free agent selection process will only allow the owner to select an available player in that position. The draft minimums will be enforced for all free agent drafts. The dropped player can then be picked up by another team as a free agent.
  1.5 - All free agents selections must be completed before the starter deadline of the first round of playoff games.
  1.6 - No trading of players. All picks at draft are final.

Section 2 - Starters
  2.1 - Complete starting line-ups must be submitted to the website before 1:00 PM EST on Sunday (Starter Selection Deadline) unless otherwise specified on the website for special cases (ie. Thursday night or Saturday afternoon game). During weeks with professional games starting prior to the 1:00 PM EST standard Sunday deadline, partial starting line-ups must be submitted to the website one (1) hour before the earliest games start time and date that week. It is considered a partial submission because an owner may still change some starter selections up until the standard Sunday deadline. Owners will not be permitted to change the starting status of any player on their roster whose associated pro team has played earlier that week.
  2.2 - If no new line up is submitted, the same starters as the previous week will be played.
  2.3 - If web access becomes problamatic, email your CBD representative and the league commissioner with your starter choices.

Section 3 - Scoring
  3.1 - Preliminary scoring will be entered by the system near real-time (every 15 minutes during games) each week for all players on the website. Stats that are entered: Rushing, Passing and Receiving Yards, rushing, passing and receiving EPs; FGs; interceptions, sacks, fumble recoveries, safeties, shutouts.
  3.2 - The official site for all statistics for the ENC Fantasy Football League is NFL.COM. Whatever stats that are displayed on NFL.COM will be used unless there exists conflicting stats within the NFL.COM site which will then result in further investigation of multiple statistical sites.
  3.3 - The Statute of Limitations for changing discrepant statistics is 3 weeks up until the conclusion of the regular season. During the playoffs, all stats are final after the starter selection deadline for the following week.
  3.4 - All statistics will be automatically uploaded and confirmed on Tuesday 5:00 PM EST (weekly scoring deadline) each week for players yet to have any statistics entered. The automated statistics will include rush, pass & receiving TDs, yardage, INTs, field goal and extra point kicks, and some defensive stats. The automated statistics will not include 2-point conversions or defensive TD stats. The automated statistics will overwrite incorrectly entered manual statistics prior to the statistical entry deadline.

Section 4 - Statistics
  4.1 - Yardage
    4.1.1 - Yardage is cumulative among starting players each week for 50+ yard categories.
  4.2 - Defense & Special Teams
    4.2.1 - No special teams or defensive yardage is allowed.
    4.2.2 - If during a single play a player has the football in the opponent's endzone at the conclusion of the play resulting in a TD, that player is awarded +6 points.
    4.2.3 - If during a single play where atleast one turnover (fumble lost or interception) occurs resulting in a TD, the team's defense and player from that team that scores the TD are both awarded +6 points.
    4.2.4 - If a player returns a kickoff, punt return or field goal return that is not blocked for a TD, that player is awarded a rushing TD (+6) in the statistics but no yardage; the defense receives no points for a non-blocked kick return for a TD. For a blocked kick returned for a TD, the same player award applies as a non-blocked kick, but in addition, the defense is also awarded a TD (+6) in the statistics. If the kicking team gets a turnover after the change of possession, the kicking team defense is awarded the fumble recovery point (+1) and (+6) points if a player from the kicking team scores a TD.
  4.3 - Tie Breakers
    4.3.1 - A tie occurs when both teams have the same total score after all point and yardage point totals are added together. An exact tie occurs when both teams had their sack points rounded up or neither had their sack points rounded. The total score may display the same on the Scoring Summary page but the Team page will display the winner based on the tie-breaker criteria.
    4.3.2 - First tie-breaker is based on the defensive sack statistic. Defensive sack (1/2 point each) points will be rounded up (the only stat that is rounded up), unless it decides a tie score. For example: 2 teams both have a total score of 40 points. Team A has a defensive that had 2 sacks while Team B has a defense that had 5 sacks. Team A has 40 points while Team B actually has 39.5 points so Team A is the winner. If both teams had defenses that had an odd number or both had an even number of sacks (both either rounded or unrounded sack points), that would constitute an exact tie.
    4.3.3 - Second tie-breaker is based on total yardage. In the case of an exact tie score (both teams did or did not round sack totals), the team with the most cumulative yardage wins.
    4.3.4 - Third tie-breaker is based on home field advantage. If total cumulative yards are equal, then the home team wins.
  4.4 - Ratings
    4.4.1 - Power Rating = winning percentage*33 + (Points for)/(week nmbr)*0.91 + (Total yards)/(week nmbr)/16
    4.4.2 - Schedule Rating = (sum of power rating of teams on schedule)/16 + (points against)/(week nmbr)*0.98
    4.4.3 - Player Rating = [Points * 0.80 + (Passing Yards/6 + Rushing Yards/3 + Receiving Yards/1.5) * 0.1736 + kicking or non-kicking extra points*2.25 + (fumble recoveries+defensive interceptions)*2.25] / (weeks started)

Section 5 - Schedule
  5.1 - Each team will play 12 regular season games (NFL weeks 1-12) + up to 5 post season games (NFL weeks 13-17).
  5.2 - The 12 regular season games will consist of 6 divisional and 6 out-of-division.
  5.3 - Each team will play 6 home games and 6 away games.

Section 6 - Playoffs
  6.1 - Each division winner plus three wildcard spots per conference (6 of 12 teams).
  6.2 - Top two division winners from each conference get byes in the first round.
  6.3 - Division rankings: Overall record, Division record, Head-to-Head, most PF, most PA, Total Yardage.
  6.4 - Wildcard rankings: Overall record, Division record (if all tied teams are in same division), Head-to-Head, most PF, most PA, Total Yardage.
  6.5 - For overall record ties involving 3+ teams spanning divisions, a head-to-head matrix detailing how each team faired against the other tied teams will be built to determine rank. In the matrix of tied teams, a team will receive plus one point (+1) for each team that it has beaten head-to-head and minus one point (-1) for each team that it lost to head-to-head. If a point total tie results from the matrix, the team that ranks higher in accordance to the remaining Wildcard rankings list in Rule 6.4 (PF, PA, TY) will receive the higher rank. If 3+ matrix point totals tie and remaining rankings list presents a tie, then a coin flip will be used to determine the higher rank. For an example of the matrix format, click here.
  6.6 - Home team status will be designated to the team with the higher overall conference rank through the conference championship games. The final four and Superbowl home team status will be designated to the team based on the following rankings: Overall record, Head-to-Head, most PF, most PA, Total Yardage, playoff total PF.
  6.7 - Every team will play atleast one post season game.

Section 7 - League
  7.1 - All members of the CBD have the right to keep that position for the following season unless all owners of the member's division vote him/her out so that a new owner can be voted in.
  7.2 - Each conference will have a sister/brother conference for the cross-conference playoffs and any cross-conference regular season games.
  7.3 - All rule clarification, disputes and modifications will be handled by the CBD. If a rule proposal is submitted (new or modification), CBD Members may submit their votes via the website. The proposal must obtain a majority vote to be implemented. Votes will be collected for two weeks after the proposal is submitted. The Commissioner will make a deciding vote if a majority has not been reached. A targeted implementation season must be included with the proposal and approved by the Commissioner prior to submission.

Section 8 - CBDMembers
  8.1 - Pre-Season
    8.1.1 - Communicate with the other two conference CBD Members to determine the best date, time and location/means to hold the draft.
    8.1.2 - Enter the draft selections for each team in their respective division at the conclusion of the conference draft if the on-line draft tool was not used.
  8.2 - Season
    8.2.1 - Submit weekly trash talk write-ups (single paragraph) for the division/conference.


1st Round (week 13) - Wildcard games
2nd Round (week 14) - Intra-Conference games
3rd Round (week 15) - Conference championship
4th Round (week 16) - Cross-Conference championship
5th Round (week 17) - Superbowl


Player StatPoints
Rushing Yards1 points per 50 yards
Rushing TDs6 points per 1 TD
Rushing Extra Points2 points per 1 ep
Receiving Yards1 points per 40 yards
Receiving TDs6 points per 1 TD
Receiving Extra Points1 points per 1 ep
Passing Yards1 points per 50 yards
Passing TDs3 points per 1 TD
Passing Extra Points1 points per 1 ep
Offensive Interceptions-1 points per 1 int
Kicking Extra Points1 points per 1 ep
Field Goals3 points per 1 fg
Safety2 points per 1 safety
Sack1 points per 2 sacks
Points Allowed5, 3, or 1 points for under 1, 4, or 8 points allowed
Fumble Recovery1 points per 1 fr
Defensive TD6 points per 1 TD
Defensive Interceptions1 points per 1 int

Optional Side Games

Elimination Game Rules

Each owner should choose one NFL pro team each week from their respective Starter Selection page on the website. If the chosen pro team wins their game for that week, the owner remains alive and may choose another team from the following week's games. If the chosen team loses, the owner is officially eliminated from the game. The only rule for the first 17 weeks is that an owner cannot choose the same team twice. The last owner remaining wins. If after 17 weeks (the NFL regular season) there is more than one owner remaining, owner's will choose playoff teams until all but one owner is eliminated. If more than one owner remains for the Super Bowl, the owner who guesses the closest to the total score of the pro Super Bowl game will win.

If all remaining owners are eliminated in one week, the prize will be split amongst the last owners eliminated. In the event of a NFL game tie, neither owner choosing either of the two tied pro teams will be eliminated. Pro teams cannot be picked on their bye week. If a pro team is not chosen for a given week, the next team in alphabetical order by city will be chosen as the default.

Stock Game Rules

The purpose of the game is to accummulate the most playdough during the 12 regular season fantasy football weeks. Each fantasy team has a stock symbol and stock value. Members of the Sez Stock Exchange have the option to purchase and sell shares of any fantasy team stock with their current playdough alotment. Each week, the stock value of each team will change based on game statistics and roster changes. Buy low and sell high! Stock prices will rise or fall incrementally between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM, Monday through Friday. The game will begin after the scoring deadline for week 1 and end on the scoring deadline for week 12 based on the league schedule. Once a player joins the Sez Stock Exchange, he/she receives 10,000 playdough allowing the option to buy/sell from/to (transaction) the Exchange containing an limited pool of stock of 1,000,000 shares for each team. Each transaction will have a playdough fee based on the number of shares and a flat rate. As much as your liquid assets allow, you may make an unlimited number of transactions. There is currently no limitation to the number of stock shares a player can purchase of their own the fantasy team. In the future, to prevent insider trading, the purchase of own team stock will be limited to 20% of the outstanding shares. (more)

Spread Prediction Rules

All owners who have joined the Sez Stock Exchange are eligible to participate in the weekly spread contest. From the Spreads page, Sez Stock Exchange owners may pick teams from the list that they believe will beat the spread. Using their Exchange playdough, each owner can demonstrate the level of confidence for their belief. An owner may choose the favorite to win by more than the indicated spread or choose the underdog to win outright. An owner may also demonstrate their beliefs on the projected over/under value by choosing whether they believe the final combined score of their game will be higher or lower than the projected value. (more)

All-star Game Rules

Any owner can submit one all-star team to play in week 17 against all other all-star teams. The owner will pick 8 starting players from the entire NFL following the same starter rules as the fantase league. Thus each owner may select up to 1 QB, 1 K, 1 D, 2 RBs and 3 WRs. Scoring sysyem is the same for all positions. All starters must be submitted before the standard week 17 starter selection deadline. No late entries will be accepted. All games for week 17 will be played on Sunday so final results will be available by Wednesday. There will be a $2 entry fee that can either be taken from an existing positive account balance or via manual submission. (more)