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Congratulations to for taking home the Superbowl title. With the 30-30 victory over , takes another (62) superbowl championship in the Charter League.

It has been a fairly flawless year in regards to the league. Even with the over abundance of injuries this season, owners were able to coach creatively to remain competitive. With the addition of the near real-time automated scoring process this season, the regular season ran much smoother this year. With that and some performance improvements, this season was a success! There have some owner suggestions detailing minor changes that will be discussed at the awards banquet. I would like to thank all of the CBD Members and your Conference Leaders, Alison Fischer and Ed McPike, for helping me out during the season with league decisions, communications and weekly updates to keep the division rivalries alive and providing verbal entertainment for the entire league. I especially want to thank all of the owners for participating because without you, the league would not exist.