NCAA Pool Rules

Section 1 - NCAA Traditional Brackets
1.1 - Pick teams by logging in and clicking on the Enter Bracket Selection link located on the previous page. Pick all six rounds, one round at a time. To submit your picks, click on the 'Submit' button located at the bottom of the page. You cannot proceed to the following round without selecting a winner from all previous round games. In addition to your final round pick, you must enter a final game score (combined points scored by both teams in the final game) to break any ties.
1.2 - The deadline for entering picks is Thursday, March 17 at 11:00 AM EST.
1.3 - Each participant will have $10 deducted from their balance once the final round submission is entered on the Bracket Selection page.
1.4 - Awards for the top three point scorers will be posted on the Bracket Scores page. A link to the Bracket Scores page will be located on the NCAA Pool main page after the selection deadline date. In the event of a tie, the appropriate award will be equally distributed among the tied participants.
1.5 - Scoring for each winning pick by round will be as follows:
  Round    Points

Section 2 - NCAA Spread-based Pool
2.1 - Each participant is assigned two teams in a random fashion, one on either side of the championship bracket (meaning the two teams cannot eliminate each other unless they both make it to the championship game).
2.2 - The deadline for requesting an entry is Sunday, March 13.
2.3 - Each entry costs $20 (a participant can request more than one entry) from which each participant is assigned two teams.
2.4 - Awards will be as follows (32 player bracket):
      Result    Reward
Participant whose team covers the spread in the final game
Participant who team does not cover the spread in the final game
Two participants whose teams do not cover the spread in the semi-finals

2.5 - Play is defined as follows:
Winning or losing is based on your team covering (or not covering) the spread. The 'experts' (odds-makers) in Vegas decide who is favored in a particular game and by how many points they are favored. So...

If your team is favored to win by 61/2, then they must win by 7 or more in order for you to win and advance to the next round. If your team is an underdog by 61/2 points, then they need to win outright or lose by 6 or less in order for you to advance to the next round. In this case, if your team loses the game but the winner does not cover the spread, you 'inherit' the team that actually won the game and you move on with that team to the next round. The person who used to have that team would be eliminated.

So that there is no possibility for issues regarding the spread values, the spread values will be downloaded within 48 hours of the game start times from the Wynn LV website.

NCAA Bracket Scores